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Exfoliating Body Towels


Smooth your skin to peach-soft perfection with this exfoliating body towel duo in candy-stripe pink. The textured fabric sloughs away dry, dead skin cells to reveal a radiant new you – and no abrasive chemical scrubs required, just good old-fashioned warm water.

Measuring 30cm x 90cm, both towels are just the right size to make buffing your whole body easy. Those awkward spots on your back? Now you don’t need to be a professional contortionist to reach them. Rough, cracked heels? You can finally deal. Annoying patches and streaks when your self-tan dries? Rubbed out. Fed up with ingrowing hairs or the tiny rough bumps caused by keratosis pilaris? Meet your new smooth-talking best friends and prepare to be perfectly polished all year round.


How to use:


  • Indulge in a soothing hot soak in the bath or shower, wash with oil-free soap and rinse thoroughly.
  • For best results with minimal effort, wait until your fingers are wrinkling before you start exfoliating.
  • Wet the towel then rub over your body in small, circular movements.
  • When you’ve reached smooth operator status, dry off and slather on your favourite nourishing body lotion.
  • To keep your towels in top condition, machine wash after use at 30C, then leave to air-dry.
  • To avoid irritation, use no more than once a week and only on your body.
  • Not suitable for facial use or with skin conditions like eczema or severe acne.