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Foot File


Happy feet are good for the sole, but are yours feeling a bit rough around the edges? If your tootsies need some TLC, it’s time to pamper them with a pedi. And there’s no better way to start than with our handy foot file in retro-inspired bubblegum pink.

Buffing away hard patches and cracked heels as if by magic, it smoothly reveals silky-soft feet you’ll definitely dare to bare. Use for a couple of minutes morning and night to remove a build-up of thick dry skin, then as required so you can put your best foot forward in style – not just in sassy sandals, but all year round. File under fabulous.

How to use:

  • Before using your foot file for the first time, peel off the protective film.
  • Make sure your feet are clean and completely dry (filing damp sin can damage the new skin underneath).
  • Rub the file back and forth across rough areas on the sides, heels and balls of your feet, applying just enough pressure to see that dead stuff flaking painlessly away. So satisfying…
  • Massage in some nourishing cream, add a slick of polish to finish, and you’re ready to show the world a clean pair of heels!
  • After use, wash your foot file with soapy water and dab dry.