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Shower Cap Girl Gang


Don't rain on my parade

Who’s got the power, even in the shower? Your fabulous hair! Keep it that way and safely under wraps with the drop-dead gorgeous Girl Gang shower cap, so when you emerge all aglow, your tresses are salon-dry and good to go. Whether you’re off to bed, getting ready for work or out to party, this baby is on a mission to keep frizz at bay.

It’s lovingly made from completely waterproof, satin-touch polyester and gently elasticated, so there’ll be no damp ’dos on our watch. In a perky pink with luscious red hearts and “Girl Gang” motif, a matching flirty red trim and pink polka dot treat of a lining, it’s as soft as silk on your locks and guarantees every last little strand stays dry.

Your perfect bath-time companion is also ideal for a deep-conditioning treat. Just slather on your favourite hair mask and pop on your Girl Gang cap to lock in the goodness and moisture. Even if you sleep on it, your pillow will stay dry through the night, so you’ll wake up to a super-nourished good hair day.


How to use


  • Secure long hair in a bun or ponytail (our scrunchies are just the job).
  • Pop on your Girl Gang shower cap and tuck in any loose strands.
  • After use, wipe or rinse then leave to air-dry so it’s good to go for your next steamy session!