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The Perfect Pout Kit


We exfoliate our faces and our bodies, but what about our lips?! Don’t forget to give them a little TLC too. This wonderfully sweet set provides you with the two essentials for taking care of those luscious lips gently and easily. The Lipstick Removing Mitt works in the same way as our best selling Make-up Removing Cloths, removing lipstick with only water…no chemicals, no cleansers, just good old H2O.


Once your lips are free from lipstick, use the Lip Exfoliating Pad (dampened) to sweep away any dry or dead skin cells, revealing beautifully soft skin. The silicone bristles are ultra gentle, so won’t aggravate your skin.


Finish off with your favourite lip balm to keep lips moisturised.

  • For lipstick removal and gentle lip exfoliation
  • The perfect additional to your skincare routine