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Turban Shower Cap Paper Birds


Want to emerge from a hot, soothing shower or soak in the bath looking like Venus from the waves rather than a damp (hair) squib? Now you can, thanks to this totally on-trend twist on the classic shower cap.

Our delightfully different shower turban comes in powder blue polyester, with a delicate vintage-inspired paper birds print – pretty enough to charm the birds from the trees and keep your inner glamour puss purr-fectly happy.

The gently elasticated design ensures all types of hairstyles stay safely under wraps. Long, short, straight, curly, thick, fine or blow-dried, this baby bird has it covered. And with a 100% waterproof lining to keep locks super-dry and free of frizz, it’s farewell to hours wasted on restyling and hello to more time for doing what you really, really want.

And when you want to give your tresses a real treat, slather on your favourite hair mask and let your Paper Birds turban do the rest – sealing in moisture, encouraging the treatment to work its magic, and protecting your pillow if you want to sleep on it. Now that’s something to tweet about.

How to use:


  • If your hair is long, first secure it in a bun or ponytail (our scrunchies are just the job).
  • Pop on your Paper Birds turban and tuck in any loose strands around your face and neck.
  • To keep it in top condition, wipe or hand wash after use then leave to air-dry.
  • Beautifully boxed to make the perfect present – because great hair days aren’t just for the birds.